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Temperatures Cool and the Climbing is heating Up

Now is the time
and this is the season

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Climbing is a Great Idea

Lots of First Time Climbers and few 2nd and third time clients have been enjoying the great outdoors in Nowra NSW.

Rock Climbing is about relationship, it's about contacting and managing your emotional state, it's about physical expression, challenge and connecting with the environment.

In good company you would be amazed at what you can achieve.

Murray (photo) climbed 6 routes on his first climbing day.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

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First time Climber Tops Out

The photos are fantastic.

I had a wonderful day. A truly awesome experience.

Will surely keep in contact.

Again thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to explore rock climbing. I can now fully appreciate how the challenge can become addictive!!

I've attached a couple of photos too. Kelly

Climb Nowra attracts international clientele - Olei!

Rock Climbing Nowra Shoalhaven NSW
Summer takes on an international flavour in Nowra NSW Australia.

Climbers from France, Indonesia, China and America soon to arrive.
Today it was all about the Spanish - OLEI !

Nowra - 10 minutes from the CBD and a thousand miles from traffic

Leading your first Rock Climb is one of those moments you don't forget

First Lead Climb - Blade Flake - Grade 13 - Grotto Area - North Nowra - NSW. Lead it, Threaded the Anchors and cleaned it .... looks like we might be heading to Point Perpendicular sooner than expected. Nice work Amanda. Rob

 Thanks, I officially have climbing on the brain... again.. Amanda

4 more happy 1st time Climbers - Photo's SOON

We were all so blown away by the rock climbing experience and Julian in particular is still on a high. Robert thanks for your patience with the kids and their endless questions. I’ll send photos and hopefully movie soon. Can’t wait for our next trip.
Cheers Mark,

3 for the Price of 2 (Limited Time)

Our 3 Climb for the price of 2 OFFER is getting lots of positive feedback and giving more individuals the opportunity to experience the joys of Rock Climbing Nowra NSW.    :-)

So Much Rock ... So Little Time

I want to mention that the climbs that we went on on the day were really good. I highly enjoyed the variety and were at the right level for a beginner outdoor climber. Also the gear (shoes, helmet etc) supplier on the day were excellent.

Spring has Sprung and the Climbing is hotting up!

Everything was absolutely fantastic. Rob was so knowledgeable and extremely patient with us as beginners. We always felt safe and in good hands and the equipment was very high standard too. Definitely one of the best days I've had in a long time. Thanks Rob
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