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Spring has sprung
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Climb Nowra
Winter Climbing by the Coast


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Spring has sprung and the climbing heats up ...

Some really interesting and compelling climbing ... beautiful days and great company

Fari - "Styling It" - Nowra NSW

Fari making it look easy ... and stylish in Nowra NSW. 

Some people were just born to climb

Great Rock and beautiful light

Outstanding company and a World Class play ground

A blast from the past

A Bit of Rain, some Wind and Sunshine equals ...

Sparkling clean rock on the beautiful South Coast just ripe for the Climb'n

It's about being in the environment.

It's about planning for and experiencing the Weather window's of opportunity.

All for a priceless moment in the Vertical World

Nowra Welcomes International Climbers

Lots of Climbing Adventures to be had.

So far this Month we have successfully hosted Climbers from USA, Adelaide, Jervis Bay and good old Nowra.

Congratulations to you all for achieving your intentions in the Vertical World :)

New Years Resloution

Climb Nowra Gift Vouchers
email for details

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Adventure is always just around the corner in Nowra NSW

A Great day, good people and beautiful location ...
and in the end it's all about the Climbing.

Venturing into the Australian Bush around Nowra NSW and not going for a climb is like going to a Nightclub and not having a dance.

Join us

Temperatures Cool and the Climbing is heating Up

Now is the time
and this is the season

call / email us and we will put a Rock Climbing Plan for you into action - Climb Nowra

Climbing is a Great Idea

Lots of First Time Climbers and few 2nd and third time clients have been enjoying the great outdoors in Nowra NSW.

Rock Climbing is about relationship, it's about contacting and managing your emotional state, it's about physical expression, challenge and connecting with the environment.

In good company you would be amazed at what you can achieve.

Murray (photo) climbed 6 routes on his first climbing day.
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